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1. RF Engineering

Each RF job calls for a unique, one of a kind application. With your needs in mind, we provide custom solutions for complete on set multi-camera HD transmission, point to point fixed links, mobile applications, and pan & tilt data control.

2. Local 600 RF Technicians

RF Film's specially trained, Local 600 technicians, will see to proper setup and management of your wireless needs. They interface seamlessly among departments to deliver real time video from your camera locations.

3. Frequency Coordination

RF Film is licensed to coordinate FCC approved frequencies to ensure clean channels and reliable video, audio, and com transmission. Pre-scout location services and site spectrum analysis available to determine optimal wireless connectivity.



RF Film, Inc. grew from an observed necessity to streamline action film-making using state of the art wireless technology and designing custom applications. Our mojo is to provide reliable, real time, wireless video from any camera to anywhere.


At the heart of it all, RF Film is here to optimize efficiency and make your job easier. To support onset collaboration and foster creativity, we take a holistic approach to the RF game. We attribute our success to not only having state of the art wireless technology but in our team of technicians dedicated, to working the gear, to bring you the 'Big Picture.'

President of RF Film, Greg "Noodles" Johnson, is the go-to man for wireless solutions worldwide. Working among a group of elite professionals at the forefront of technology in various industries, he's always looking for new opportunities to bring people together and design solutions for technological advances. With over twenty years of engineering and consulting experience, no one is as well connected to like-minded visionaries who can make the impossible possible.

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Motion Picture industry


government & military programs


Blue origin space program




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Phone : 818.406.7102

To book RF on your production or to learn more about our services, please call Greg 'Noodles' Johnson, 818.406.7102.

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