"RF Film is like CRACK!  One taste and you have to have it all the time!"

     - Tom Hayslip, Production Manager


"The team at RF is endlessly ready to meet any filming needs.  Their creativity and technological advancements allow a film crew to monitor a shot from anywhere with ease.  I'm confident if they were asked to give us wireless control on the moon, their only question would be, "When?""

     - Jenny Sandell, UPM  ("The Amazing Spiderman", "Star Trek")

“Greg Johnson is the WIZARD of RF.  He manages to obtain solid clear images in almost impossible conditions.  He is beyond helpful and will always use his incredible knowledge and boundless enthusiasm to solve any wireless issues.  I cannot recommend him enough.”          

     - Jonathan Taylor, Director/DP  ("MI7", "Captain America", "Iron Man II")

"Greg has REVOLUTIONIZED the way films are made."

     - John Schwartzman, Director of Photography ("Sea Biscuit", "The Amazing Spiderman")

"Having RF Film on a job ensures everyone on set, from the Director to DP to Visual Effects, have the ability to see what all of the cameras are seeing FLAWLESSLY, even during our craziest action sequences.  The entire RF Crew is TOP NOTCH.  They always work cohesively with the Camera, Video, and Audio crews, and are a joy to have on any show.  RF Film helps make my job easier because when they're around I know  the on-set crew is happy and we're making the best possible movie we can make.”

     - Jamie Buckner, Production Supervisor and Coordinator ("Now You See Me", "MIB3", "The Other Guys")

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