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RF & COvid-19

In response to Covid-19, RF is committed to helping productions create a safe shooting space for cast and crew. RF Film has implemented several alternative strategies to help productions keep crews limited to key players and viewing/communication open to all. Contact us if there is something we can do to help you.

Multiple viewing sites

Use RF for separate monitoring sites for each department who needs to have an eye on camera. If need, we have drop-down receivers to spread video village out quickly.

Cellular bond technology

A video and/or comm feed is linked to an IP address, so anyone anywhere can log on. If a producer or director wants to give feedback, they can in real time. 

video van

This mobile video village for key players is easily sanitized and self contained. At wrap, you just close the doors and walk away. No need to rebuild the video village every day.

Camera car

Using the RF long distance Preston Boost system, we are able to operate and pull focus remotely. Camera car capacity goes from 5 crew to 2 (driver and crane operator). We are continuing to test this with the Edge Arm. 


If you'd rather just make this movie in Space, we have the licenses and technology to make it happen!

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