RF Engineering

Complete on set multi-camera HD transmission, custom applications, point to point fixed links, mobile applications, pan and tilt data control, & 3Ality data radio system

RF Technicians
Our trained RF Technicians utilize the world's most high end RF gear to transmit for those who desire to place cameras where neither eye nor cable can go.  
Aerial Downlinks

Provide an air to ground link from helicopters, fixed wing airplanes, drones, skydivers, etc.

Roll axis & Aurora Camera 4K+
Retrofit Wireless Controls

Provide retrofit for wireless devices such as Preston and Shotover Drone to optimize your wireless control or drone communication optimization.

Safety Consultation for Drone Technology

Pre-scout location services and on site Spectrum Analysis

IP Video/Audio Stream

Broadcast quality with the ability to tie 1st and 2nd Units together in different cities and locations

Frequency Coordination

FCC approved frequency coordination services available for microwave transmission, audio, and coms

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